I am an Executive Director. One of my teams operates in a site which also supports staff from other parts of the department. There is a Site Manager (Executive but one level down) who has overall responsibility for all people on site.

A fellow Executive Director has phoned to advise me they are planning to relocate a staff member of theirs to the site (alongside one of mine..) on a graduated return, but does not want the Site Manager knowing who for fear that Site Manager will go home and advise their partner, who also works for the company, and was the subject of a complaint by the staff member.

Site Manager is someone i know reasonably well, fellow Director is someone i've only met on a few occasions and have no real knowledge of re character or disposition.

Is this a legitimate reason for withholding information from the Site Manager?? I think not.. i encouraged fellow Director to discuss any concern they had with Site Manager, however do not see that happening.

Advising Site Manager of what i know will likely create a conflict situation.. Other Director comments and actions are in my view unprofessional.


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"...they are planning..."

As long as a final decision hasn't been made, there's a legitimate reason not to notify the individuals involved.

From your description it sounds like it could be a messy situation. If you push for disclosure, you could end up owning a part of the drama.