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Hey all,

I have an inherited direct who greatly needs some professional development. I've been thinking that I can give him some coaching either through me or through peers. I also figured I could turn him loose on some Career Tools podcasts. My problem is basically this: there's just so much that needs improvement that I'm a little overwhelmed at where to start.

Specifically, this direct could use improvement in project management, priority management, professionalism, meeting behaviors, and navigating organizational politics. Any recommendations on where to start as far as podcasts? Are there podcasts you send all of your directs to listen to?

Any help is appreciated.


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It is too early in your boss/direct relationship to start coaching. As far as casts, I see at least 3 good choices: 

Think of one behavior your direct is most likely to become good at.  Be as specific as possible. There is surely a cast on that  

Think of one that is easy to see quantifiable improvement. Meeting behaviors comes to mind on this one. 

You can ask him/her if they have a skill/behavior s/he wants to improve.

Given the skills you list I am assuming the individual is a high C or a high D. You could start with casts focused on helping people of a certain type deal with others.  This will be a bit more broad, but if this is a pattern of behavior in multiple situations, this may help.   

Depending on how much experience the individual has you could use the First Job Fundamentals Series. May not fit given the directs years of professional experience.

Overall, you should start with O3s to make sure you build the relationship base that will allow you to give feedback that actually leads to improvement. 

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Thank you - all good suggestions. I should have noted that this individual is a high IC and we have begun O3s a few weeks ago. And, by coaching, I should have also been clear that I have not yet rolled out the coaching model but I am working with all of my directs to help them in areas that are causing them (and me) immediate pain. 

I ended up giving him some core casts about behaviors I try to foster in the workplace as a starting foundation. From there I will start to break it down functionally.

Thanks again!