I am looking for opinions on accepting a new position and thinking about starting a family in the near future.

I am not concerned about FMLA but rather if I should explain my "family planning" to my potential employer or if I should just wait until the appropriate time.

This role is ideal long term. Aligned with my beliefs, better commute, and better role overall. I really want to accept it but would be worried if I have to say "I'm pregnant" just shortly after passing a probationary period.

Has anyone been in this situation personally or as a manager? How was it received by the employer and any suggestions on how to proceed professionally?


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I've had two employees announce pregnancy, one of which was right after their probationary employment phase. In both cases I congratulated them, was happy for them, and asked them what they needed. 

On the flip side, one of my previous bosses said "we have too many new moms that only want to work 32 hours."  

I would wait.  Determining what is appropriate will take a judgement call on your part. I personally believe later is better - near the end of the first trimester at the earliest. Of course that is also when you start to show. When you tell your boss will be based on the relationship with your boss, your workload, and the timing of your pregnancy.  The more time you plan to take off, the more notice you should give.  If you choose you could wait until well after you are showing to bring it up to your boss.

Overall, if the job is the better choice: take it. Your life decisions after that are yours to make.   Some bosses will react properly and some less so.