Hi All,

Any suggestions on how to get the book delivered to the UK at a reasonable price?

I placed my order for the book via Amazon UK on the 28th December 2015 and for the last several months the release date was posted as today (29th July).

Just picked up an email from Amazon telling me the new expected arrival date is now August 22 2016 - September 05 2016! Likely little too late for my summer vacation travel reading!



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As much as we'd like to be able to help, there's nothing we can do here.  Our publisher says they have no input to Amazon's availabitily decisions.  You're not alone, and we've asked... and we're sorry we can't do more.

We have asked, and if we hear anything promising, we will let everyone know.



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Hi Gareth,

If you got a Kindle copy, then delivery is almost immediate. Would that work out for you?

Kind regards

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Got an email from Amazon UK about an hour back promising delivery tomorrow!!

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Maybe get a friend in the US to order it, receive it, and forward it onward to you?