What do you think about the following interview question? "What is your responsibility as a manager?"

At a hiring meeting the other day, my organization decided the above question should be asked of all candidates for roles supervising staff.
In my interviews I plan to add a second half to make it more behavioral - which is "How have you delivered that responsibility in the past?"

What do y'all think about the question?

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I like the approach of making it more behavioral. What are you trying to gain out of the question? If its not behavioural you could get "fluffy" answers.

You could get two types of answers.

1) Monitor, write reports, organize

2) Guide, Coach, Mentor


The more I think about the question the more I like it. If it a shot in your next interview. It wont hurt!


Thanks, Nick




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How about...

  • What aspects of management do you believe have the greatest impact on the success of the organisation?
  • Why did you choose those aspects?
  • How have you delived your responsibilities in these areas in the past?



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I really liked your approach. This way you'll be able to know about the past experience of the interviewee

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Like your apporach for your questioning. Test the ability of a higher post like manager and also get to know about the past experience.