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After meeting Dani last week at the Effective Interviewer Conference and sharing some bad interview experiences with the other attendees I must share... I just received a resume with no name or contact info. It was part of our automated system so I was able to pair it with an application, but in the hundreds of resumes I've looked at, I've never seen one with no contact info.

By the way, the Effective Interview Conference is tremendously valuable. The links between different phases of hiring is particularly beneficial - and it was enthusiastically presented which made it easy to pay attention for an entire day.

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Applying for a job, using company's lousy HR software. Clicked on Apply Now for a specific job. Registered with username, password, contact info etc. Three web pages later, the process ends with a "Thank you for applying" message. Problem? At no point was there any place for uploading a resume. Or filling out work experience. Nothing. They allowed me to complete an application without providing any work history. Tried three more times with the same job. Same thing happens. Logged out, went back, saw a small "register" button - I'm already registered, but ok, I'll give it a try. Now, I get to build a profile and upload a resume. Crazy. The irony is that the job I applied for was "IT process efficiency expert."

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I actually want people to apply without giving work history, if they have a resume attached. We track "application abandonment" in the ATS. The last thing I want is a candidate to get so frustrated by "attach your resume and now type it all over again in to these 58 fields on 8 pages for 1/2 hour, so I can ignore all of it and scan your resume for 3 seconds and move on."

We are moving off our current ATS to a new one which will be easier for candidates to apply.

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Two sides of the same coin in two annecdotes there. I really believe the general state of affairs in corporate recruiting is broken on both sides of the equation at the moment.


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I agree with timrutter - I had some interviews last week.  One of the candidates started their close with, "I know who else you have interviewed" then proceeded to tell us how another individual was unqualified.  For about 10 seconds my thoughts included: "Is this really happening?" and "He's going to stop now. Right?" before I interrupted and said, "We're here for you tell us about yourself, not anyone else."

Seriously?  Bad mouthing another candidate during your interview?!?!?  I have never seen anything so unprofessional durign an interview.