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I just read this week's edition of 'Things I Think I Think', and I can't tell you how excited I am for the release of The Effective Manager!  I know this was hinted at in last week's Career Tools cast as well.  I can't wait!  

I've been pointing people to Manager-Tools for years.  My current and past directs all know the 'Manager Tools Feedback Model', and the helpful recommendations on a variety of other topics.  I found this through a Google search all the way back in 2007 in my first months as an IT Manager, and have been a huge fan ever since.  Without a doubt, this advice helped me navigate a mass outsourcing during the awful years of 2008-2009.  I quite simply would not be where I am today without Manager-Tools guidance.  

The book is one I am so excited to to get.  I plan on buying a few copies and giving them out to the great folks I know who could really benefit from your work.  







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Thank you for your love, we are still working out the best way to do bulk orders, both for us and for you, and we'll make sure to tell you before the launch.  Happy holidays!
Thank you!

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Any chance of this being available in a digital format? I really love to read them on my kindle and/or iPad. I'm still going to buy the hardcover. 

I would love to get it autographed sometime. 



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I think it matches the Manager Tools style/theme from the website the best.  It also feel cleaner.  Which for me is part of the Manager Tools brand.  Clean and clear actional recommendations.  I can't wait for the book.  I will want to get a signed copy as well for me to keep.  I have not often been a giver of books, but this one will be one I give away frequently.