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I was wondering whether anyone has any templates or layouts that they have found to be particularly effective in aligning on your priorities with your boss on a wkly, providing her with update against those priorities, etc.?

I know it sounds simplistic, but I'm curious if anyone has found an approach that has been particularly successful in ensuring clarity, and effective expectation setting.

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Hey D1900,

Like you said, it's simple and there's a ton of things out there. I use a "Who What Where" form. Three columns, 7 rows for each day of the week. Who's doing what, when? Write in the boxes. Post it up for everyone to see. After behavior change and improvement, toss it.


Nothing can replace healthy O3's and Feedback. Two amazing things MTools provides direction on.


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Take a look at:

The title is a bit attention getting for SEO (“How to Go From Working 60 Hours a Week to 40 By Sending 2 Emails a Week”) but the fundementals seem strong to me. I've started this habit just a few weeks ago, too early to give personal testimony as to if it works or not, but I've gotten good feedback so far.