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Hi all - I've been approached by an industry association to become a mentor in their industry mentoring program, which is great!  I'm currently volunteering as a career /vocational mentor in an underpriveleged high school student program. But I've never been a "professional industry mentor" before. I was wondering if anyone who has experience as a mentor has any tips, advice, feedback, comments?  


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Hi Cyndy, lets start with congratulations!

I myself have never been a mentor, that said we do have several podcasts that could help:

How to be an Effective Mentor, pt1 -

How to be an Effective Mentor, pt2 -

Basics of Mentoring, pt1 -

Basics of Mentoring, pt2 -

Mentoring with Political Smarts -

And more!

Kudos to you Cyndy for volunteering with underpriveledged high school students to help them into the workforce! That is very commenable. You are clearly talented in career and vocational mentoring and it is being recognized.

My advice... keep doing what you are doing!

Sarah Sentes - Manager Tools Presenting Associate


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I totally forgot about the podcasts - doh!  And here I am thinking I clearly had "there's a cast for that" imprinted on my forehead! LOL  Thank you so much for the lovely words and congratulations. It's a direction I think I'll be seeking out more  - re coaching, mentoring and working with youth.  

ps - it's great to 'meet' you.

Cheers :)