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BLUF: If I haven't received any response for over two weeks from the HR rep tasked with scheduling my interview, would it be appropriate to either:

1) Directly ask her if there is an issue?
2) Go to the prior HR rep (internal recruiter) to ask if there is an issue?

I was dealing with a recruitment specialist back in June who was reviewing my resume and acting as the liaison between myself and the hiring manager.  My resume did not clearly list experience in a certain area that was important to the job (more on that in another post) and so they had doubts.  I used the MT approach, was professional but aggressive in addressing and it worked, they decided to bring me in.  I was then transferred to someone else in HR who would schedule my interview.

The interview was scheduled during the first week of July and I was to interview with the three individuals.  It turned out only one was going to be available and then the night before they cancelled saying he took the day off (it was the Thursday of that week) for an extended holiday weekend.  OK, no problem, completely understandable, and they said they would reschedule.  I responded that night.  That coming Monday, I sent an email advising my availability that week along with a caveat that I would do my best to make myself available if those times didn't work.  I never received a response to that email or my original email confirming their cancellation.

Since then, I have sent an email every Monday, two sentences, following up and advising if there was anything I could do to help with scheduling just let me know.  This is a total of three emails, each one sentence long, professional, not pushy, etc., and I have never received a response to a single one.

I know it is their dime.  Should I just follow the post interview protocol, i.e., continue to follow-up weekly for 10 weeks and then let it go?  Or would it be appropriate to reach out to the first individual to follow-up?  Or maybe directly ask this person for an update on the interview scheduling (or something along those lines)?

Thanks in advance for any and all feedback provided.




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The point is now moot and the mystery solved.  They reached out to me today to say they will be going with an internal candidate.  I guess that explains the radio silence...

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Hey 13bravo, sorry to hear about the painful wait. I also had a similar situation a few months ago. I would love to see good HR do this properly for a change!  Good luck for your search and I hope something just as good or better comes along for you real soon.