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The more things change, the more they stay the same...

Our group has a new GM. I'm an Offering Manager and it's part of my responsibility to sell a new campaign tracking methodology into the sales team.

The push back I'm going to get is - "we don't have time to track the things we're supposed to track, so I'm not doing this tracking as well".

What I want to say is - this is the way it is now and when we're asked to do things differently in the future, we will do those thigns as well. The goal is to create a message my upline management can deliver to the Sales Organization upline management.

I'm torn between an attitude of just do it or else and being upfront. Perhaps this is just a lesson in "They" and acting as if I was giving this order myself.

Thoughts? Anyone in similar situations?

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I don't think that "just do it or else" is a message you want to give to the new General Manager to deliver upline within the sales organization!

Is there any chance that the new methodology will save them time? Replaces a different methodology? Increase their sales? Trying to sell to sales people can be a challenge but I think that if you present the opportunity as a way to help them with their sales goals, it'll go over better.

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It's more of an accountability program - we haven't been good a tracking plans and sales just points to revenue when they do well and make execuses when they fall short. They're really relying on market winds as opposed to developing a strategy for excellence.

I believe the Senior Sales Managers are certainly on board here, but getting the troops excited is a challenge.

Selling to sales - I think you're on to something here. Thanks for the advice!!

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You mentioned the market winds - that might be a starting point for your selling strategy for them. The ancient Polynesians didn't just get into a wooden canoe and let the winds blow them wherever, however, in whatever direction it felt like. If they did, they would've died in the ocean - plenty of people have! They charted the stars, they learned to read the waves, harvested the sea life to sustain life, harnessed the wind for power and worked tirelessly toward their goal - they reached the Hawaiian islands. The accountaibility program you're "selling" them is one of the tools in their journey (maybe "charting the stars") to help them best navigate toward their ultimate goal: killer sales in the land of plenty.

Okay, I see myself getting a little hokey but have you ever been pitched by a sales professional? They're all about hokey!

Good luck and let us know how things go!!