BLUF: Do I include contingent labor in my O3 schedules?

I am a new manager at a new (to me) site. I have 33 employees, of which 11 are contingent labor. Many of the rules around this prevent us from treating them like full time employees (recognition is handled differently as are reviews). I would like to include as many employees in the O3 schedule as I can and I am already having a challenge with the remaining 20 employees and finding time for them. 

My labor pool is manufacturing (machining, paint, and chemical lines), split across 3 shifts. 

Over the past 3+ years they have had very little direct supervision and have gone through at least 3 supervisors in 2014. 

I am here in a permenant role (as permenant as it can be) and they are very open to my leadership style. The biggest win is that they now have someone who listens to them and can champion their needs. 

I look forward to your inputs.


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Yes, if you can.  Start small, though.

33 directs across three shifts?  Goodness, if that's the structure in place from earlier, no wonder three supervisors have come and gone in twelve months.  Too heavy a load for most industries!

Perhaps add some informal structure to leverage existing relationships.  Maybe that's one non-contingent person from each line from each shift as an initial set of nine O3s.  Maybe one person from each shift is effectively your #2 for that shift?  Somehow they've been effective enough despite supervisors being temporary;  how can you build atop that?

In my own industry (software development), 34 people would tend to be organized as one manager, 5-8 team leads, and each team with 4-6 people.  Manager O3s would be just with the team leads, who themselves could have O3s with their team members.