Hi all, I'm new to the ideas of O3s and all aspects of the trinity.

I see the value in the O3s, have 10 desk staff who I manage, and brought the idea to the upper management team.  They all essentially turned it down, and said it would take too much of my time.  I feel like I don't have enough power to sway their decision otherwise, and I feel like saying "listen to this podcast" would fall on deaf ears, and they'd laugh at it.

What do you recommend for a mid-level manager to do?  I felt like not bringing it up to them in the first place would have been a little sleasy, and now that I've brought it up, I feel like doing the O3s is even worse, because it'd be dis-obeying a direct order not to.


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MT has covered this in the past.
Schedule the meetings, call them Status Update, and follow O3 format.
You will be able to show your productivity gains shortly and there should be very few questions asked.
You may need to space them out a little more to begin with but we are only talking about 5 hours per week that you would be in these meetings.

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I agree with Mac, there's a cast for this. :) 

Andy Grove would liken this to managerial leverage. 30 minutes of your time may positively influence the next 39.5 working hours for someone. That's incredible leverage.