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I'm getting ready to start feedback with my team, so I'm reviewing all the feedback casts. One of them is the "Optional Upgrade" that says you can ask "Can you do this differently" instead of "What can you do differently". That cast said this is an optional upgrade for experienced feedback-givers when they want to save time. But the later casts about feedback seem to use this version exclusively. For example, the Starter Feedback Model cast says to leave out step 4, and then add "Can you do this differently" later when you're better at it or when a direct needs a bigger push. Is there a reason that I shouldn't use "What can you do differently"? Is "Can you do this differently" actually better, or did you just switch to that because it's easier? Thanks, Josh

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Hi, I tend to use "can you do it differently?". I reserve the "What can you do differently" for cases when I need to make sure that the person understood and has a plan. I also use it for under-performers.
Personally, I see no reason why you should not use "What..." every time. I would only be careful if the solution is so obvious that the employee might think you are abusing their intelligence :-) Matej