What is the typical difference in salary for a manager vs a "working manager" -- or is there one?  Thanks-- Theresa Regan

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I see no difference where I'm working. Our managers are remunerated after having their positions evaluated (using the Mercer CED system). So if they are more operational and 'working' managers instead of or in many cases (including my own) strategic as well, you would expect there to be more 'stuff' on the position description (PD). Realistically, the manager has the ultimate responsibility for the results and the accountability of their team - the 'stuff' they may still be doing isn't usually captured in the PD nor the evaluation. Therefore they are paid for the end-result/ accountability - depending on knowledge, expertise, breadth of accountability, number of functions they are responsible for etc. They're not usually paid for the extra work down in the weeds - so it makes sense for the manager to manage that better and delegate, freeing up their time to focus on what they are truly being paid to do.

Hope that makes sense.  


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In my experience, this varies by company.  A "working manager" can get paid anywhere in the spectrum between a worker's pay and a manager's pay.

Functionally, it seems the distinction between a "manager" and a "working manager" is that the former isn't expected to do whatever his directs do, while the latter is.  The less clueful companies expect the working manager to both manage full-time AND produce full-time -- and add insult to injury by not even bumping compensation from worker level.