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If there's one group I can trust to give me honest feedback about my LinkedIn profile, it's here on Manager Tools. Here's the link - Please feel free to connect as well.

A little about myself - MBA, mid-career, Product Manager looking to move into management.

Do I have too much detail? Not enough? I do have a CMD (Career Management Document) with all of my accomplishments that I use to tailor my resume.

Also, feel free to post your own LinkedIn profile in this thread if you're looking for the same type of feedback.

Thanks again.


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A few points:

  • Choose a profile picture where your eyes are in focus.  As a photographer, our rule of thumb is to have pictures of people where you can look a person in the eye and know what they are all about.  If someone's eyes are blurry, it is harder to make a positive connection.
  • Make sure your bullets are parallel: in your current role, do not mix both present and past tense
  • Follow the same cadence throughout each position: if you choose to write a responsibility line first, then accomplishments, make sure to do this for each position: you miss a few in your past
  • You have a typo in your bullet points
  • Do not list your 26 courses from business school
  • Do not list your 6 courses from undergrad: it looks like you only took 6 courses the entire time enrolled
  • Do not list Ohio State University separately from Ohio State University - Fisher College of Business.  It is one degree.  Pick one.

Hope this helps