I Like the fresh new site.  Good work.

Is there a link on the new site that takes you to a list of all the Latest Forum Posts or all the Lastest Site Activity?  I used these options frequently on the old site but haven't found them on the new site yet.  Am I just looking in the wrong place?

Kind regards



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I find it much easier to read and respond when I can just walk the "latest posts".  It's how I can successfully switch between reading on-web and in-app.

Time for a treasure hunt, I guess. :-)

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We're working through the technical issues and then we'll add the recent forum link.  We made an oops and forgot it :(((



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Until we get it posted more broadly, bookmark this page:

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It works.  :-)

Thanks for restoring it.  Much appreciated.


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I like the new interface, but I was really missing the latest forum list. Thanks for bringing it back.

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I was missing it too  :-)