I wonder whether the following bullets are appropriate to include in my resume:

  • Hired a new team member despite contrary spending guidelines
  • The team didn't split despite serious crisis
  • We kept our SCM tool of choice (so far!)

There are of course reasons why these 'accomplishments' may be worth discussing...

  • The hire had to be finally approved by a senior VP whose budget is several billion dollars! I didn't interact with this person, of course (I'm a first line manager). Rather, all my management chain was involved. I started this whole process, and gathered the first (lower-level) approvals. But that took quite some time and energy. 
  • There was a very serious crisis when our most senior developer left for the competition. The chances of the team breaking up were considered very high. This did not happen. I can definitely identify some actions that I implemented to lower this risk, but did I really accomplish anything? Maybe I simply over-reacted and exaggerated the risk...
  • We are getting strong pressure to switch to the source control magement tool that our company recommends. We resist because we consider that the one we're using is vastly superior. So I look for support around us, explain why we don't want to switch, and otherwise spend time defending against what I consider to be very bad choices by our company.

I have some other very positive accomplishments to include! But I worry that if I were to interview and explain the accomplishments above, this would sound very negative. Somehow, I feel like every positive accomplishment I can come up with is something the team did, not me. And that all I really did was to fight against our company. 

Or should I just remember that "management is boring, unsexy, repetitive tasks" (or something like this)? Would hiring managers see these 'accomplishments' positively?
Thanks for your input.

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 For the second point, how about something like this?

* Rebuilt trust between managers, staff & the xyz department by building relationships & follow-through.

* Improved xyz department morale by leading team of four staff & implementing one on one’s.

You will need to say what the significant accomplishment was, followed by how. And briefly. You can always explain why during interview.