I have 3 internships from college that I've been debating if I should put on my LinkedIn profile.  They're relevant to my current field, but are from 15 years ago.  I've had 3 jobs since then, with the last one for 11 years. 

Is there value to adding these to LinkedIn?  BTW, I'm not putting them on my resume.


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Yeah, I know what you mean. It's a long time ago and I'm glad you're not still flogging that horse on your main resume. However, I would argue that your LinkedIn profile is slightly different from a traditional resume. Listing those internships will link you to those other companies and will make it easier to make connections with current and former employees of those companies.

You also haven't worked for that many companies, relatively speaking. This fills out your professional story and could give a deeper understanding of your career progression and trajectory. However, it all depends on the actual jobs themselves. Three months as an intern on a highly competitive scheme with a multinational (where you built important contacts and learnt about things fit together from the ground level up) is a bit different from a week unpaid making coffee and answering phones in a random office. 

Just ask yourself, does it positively add to your professional story? If it doesn't, leave it off. It's not the end of the world just having 3 jobs on your resume. That shows loyalty and stability.