I am in need of a project management tool/software for managing upto 15-20 concurrent projects.  My needs are a bit unusual as I work alone and don't need additional features for managing other people.  I also typically work without specified deadlines.

My needs are:


The ability to create a hierarchy of tasks, sub tasks, etc for each project.  I break projects into components, and further break them down into detailed sub tasks & process so I need something that can nest tasks in this fashion.

I also need a way to show a history of task completed, preferably with the ability to sort them by project and by time period, i.e. a list of what tasks/objectives were completed in a given week/month.

It would be beneficial to also be able to track which projects have been neglected the longest without progress.

I currently use a number of different solutions from excel spreadsheets to timer/task tracking software but cannot seem to find a cohesive tool that provides all the features I need.


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Microsoft Project will do exactly what you describe and more very easily.

It feels like Excel when entering tasks and yet has all the features of other, more complicated applications. Creating sub-tasks and WBS layers happens with one mouse click per layer.

You can create custom calendars to predict project durations and has pre-set layouts for tracking and other common needs.


Ed Zaun

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I was looking for project management solutions and found this thread. But you cannot post a reply until and unless you become a member. Well, now i have signed up and created my account. By the way that is not the point.

I am a project manager in an IT company. I used to manage my team members and all their tasks on "Spreadsheets" but that was not enough. My projects started getting delayed due to improper management. I am very frustrated and tensed. 

David, its a very humble request if you could give me some tips on using your tool eresource scheduler. Is it free or paid?

What is the cost of having this software?

Please reply me asap as i am going to manage 3 more projects and i do not want them delayed.

Waiting for the reply.

Thank You







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Give LiquidPlanner ( a try.  It's web-based and is really pretty good; I particularly like their approach to estimated task duration.

I slogged away in MS Project for many years and won't be going back (willingly, anyhow)







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You should try Producteev.

It's free and meets all the requirements you mentioned. 

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 Check out this comparison matrix...





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Welcome Lauren.

I am sending up a cautionary note here. It may not be the software or program that is causing issues. It may the the wetware, your brain.

Have you read David Allen's  "Getting Things Done"? It is a great book and with the change in thinking, even pencil and paper will work to manage impossible projects.

I use an app on my iPhone called "Things" that structures my work in a GTD format. It is my best tool ever! There are windows and android equivalents.

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Project Management was never an easy task. It really requires a professional tool which may help to achieve task. I also suffered from same type of problem so I understand yours as I also deal with project management activities in my day to day life.

In my opinion you should give a try to eResource scheduler. It is a project management tool which is very simple and easy to use and it also provides 14 days of free trial. It has really made my task very simpler by dividing it into small modules and provides every feature which every project manager may want.