I like O3s - doing them for a couple of weeks and I am getting so much positive feedback from the directs about them.

Short questions about O3s: 

- In some O3s we are done within 20 min or the directs has nothing to ask/tell after 5min. Is this a problem? 

- I was wondering if I am allowed to answer questions in the first 10min. I am trying to do not so - but it feels wrong.

- How are you controlling the time? I was thinking about an hourglass. 

- Is it a problem if a direct comes over and is asking to start O3s a little earlier? Or should one insist on the scheduling?

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KisteUK (7-2-1-3)

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 Hi there 

Short answer : no need to worry.  I've been doing O3s for several years and there are still some times when they are over in 20 minutes.  This is especially common with the high C and high D directs who prefer to talk about business deliverables and sometimes they don't have a lot to update.  I usually see these as opportinities to spend more time on the coaching and development.

Also, directs new to O3s will often take some time to adjust to the new concept and they may take a while before they open up.  Trust takes time to build.  It is fine to ask genuine interest questions about the topics they raise.  You are allowed to respond with something of your own.  You just have to be careful not to hijack their time and keep it focused on their topic and their input as much as possible.  That said, if there agenda is to get answers on some business problems, it is ok to provide an answer.  Just make sure you hand the ball back to them after the answer with no strings attached.  Some thing like - "did that answer your question? Ok great.  Back to your agenda."

If they finish early, that's ok.  Don't press them with questions to fill up the time.  It feels fake and part of the freedom for them to set the agenda includes them not having anything they currently feel like sharing.  If later on, during your time, they appear to have more to say, let them have the floor for a while.  Remember the purpose is to build the relationship over time and to some extent, you should allow natural conversation.

Early on, don't worry about the clock.  It is not important to the purpose to be watching the clock and cutting short conversations mid stream.  

hope this helps

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