I am a first time Manager for a company I have worked for more than a 10 years. I am a little bit of a late bloomer, but have succeeded by being committed to growth and seizing opportunities. 

I came across Manager-Tools (MT) once I started preparing for my new role about 2 months ago and have been blown away with both the quality and quantity of the podcasts, forum discussions, and other content. If I had a time machine, introducing MT to a younger self would make it high on the list of changes worth making. 

Despite my failure to acquire a functioning time machine, I have been aggressively digesting as much MT content as I can. After being in role for a few weeks now, I have become motivated to be more involved in the forums in order to take advantage of the great support of this community, and eventually reciprocate whenever possible.

I have started weekly one-on-ones with all of my directs, and I am looking forward to perfecting then implementing the Trinity model. I have also used examples and advise from the forums a couple times for  addressing some initial challenges I have faced.

The MT team and community is having an incredible affect on my career and life. I am proud to be a paid member (different username) and look forward to being more involved.



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Welcome aboard.

hope we can learn from and help each other.

kind regards