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BLUF: Is it appropriate for me to conduct O3s when I am in an interim leadership position?

Our organization lost a key member of our operation and a manager was asked to fill that IC role on an interim basis.  I have been asked to take charge of the team while he is in the other IC position.  We are 6 weeks into this scenario and we are anticipating another 3-9 months.

The manager has retained responsibility for personnel actions, including advancements, discipline and vacation approval.

I'm responsible for ensuring that the team performs to standard and that no service failures occur.  I'm also specifically tasked with "redesign the current role" so that the position is more strategically focused instead of tactically focused.  Think - DELEGATION.

Would I be out of line to conduct O3s with the team?






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How could you achieve the obejctives set if you didn't? When I had one of my direct reports take a few months leave recently I required the person covering the role to conduct one on ones.

I cannot think of any reason not to and anyway 3-9 months may stretch out to a year and then possibly permanently. If you don't start now it will be much harder to start later.


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Absolutely roll out the trinity... I was originally "ad interim" managing my former peers for a 3 to 6 months period. I've now been in that position for 21 months with no end in sight.