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If the boss asks me to draw up what the future state of the department should be - what should I do?

I'm a line manager in charge of a team in the department.  We have about 100 people so it's not too big nor too tiny.  In our O3, the boss is asking for my opinion on where we need resources and which types of people or skills are useful for the teams that are under staffed or not properly staffed.  The department is facing a lot of process and organizational changes.

I'm pretty new to the organization (3-4 year tenure).  My boss got transferred from another branch last year.  My peer managers all have 10+ year average tenure.  I feel like I'm being asked because of my outsider perspective.

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Unless you have fears that you haven't stated, draw it up, do your best work and present it on time



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Thanks Tim for your advice.

Actually he already had an answer and then wanted me to assign names and FTE numbers to the future state organization.  For the former, I honestly don't know since I was on a 2 year assignment abroad before coming back.  I keep feeling like it's a test to see how close I am thinking to him.  I did end up reorganizing it by line of business instead of by operating company - that was apparently my twist.