Hi folks,

I recall a podcast on the "Tell me about yourself" question. I am looking for what a solid answer looks like. Do any of you recall what it is called/

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It is available in the interviewing series as the "Tell Me About Yourself" cast from May 8, 2007.
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Couldnt find this cast on this date. Could you please prived a link?


Thanks a lot!

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Thanks Mac,

I knew I had seen it.


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The topic/question question "Tell me about yourself" appears in a number of Manager Tools / Career Tools casts.

The MT team makes very clear in the Interviewing Series this question is among the first "big questions" with good interviewers--even before you have a chance to discuss accomplishments.

The importance of "Tell me about yourself" is reinforced as the topic comes up (or is touched-on) in numerous casts in addition to the valuable Interview Series. Here are just a few: