What is the common practice for fellow former military types: list each assigned role on the resume’ OR put the military career and summarize key contributions with bullets OR something else?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Jim,

To make it easy for the recruiter I would list each assigned role separately so that the recruiter won´t need to check back where you've worked/was assigned.

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 Thanks, Robert!

Since we change jobs every 18 months, how can I condense to one page? Otherwise it looks like I can't keep a job, yes?

Thanks again!


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 Be sure to use the entire page, maximize the sentences used and use a small font size.

Maybe you already looked at the example resumé that's on the site, if not be sure to check it out for additional tips here

There's also a podcast about this topic, I couldn't find it just now but i hope this helps you out, Jim.

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FR_Jim, ditto what ROBERTM stated.  I'm a veteran myself and that is what I've done.  Limit it to 1 page, DON'T go over. The stuff you did as a O-1 won't be nearly as pertinant as the accomplishments as an O-4.

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I found it helped potential employers make sense of my military career by listing only the positions that were relevant to the position I was applying to.  I held a wide variety of jobs over my 26 years, only some of which mattered for the civilian positions I applied to.  Leave the others off.  Listing your branch of service as the employer for each should make it pretty clear what was happening.  Those blank periods in your resume can be addressed in the interview.

Be sure to include significant, and applicable, contributions in each assignment you choose to list.  I wish you all the best in your search!


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Resume question that is related to this: I currently am listing each role I held (only a10 yr career), but one of my "assignments" was to attend a 6-month school. It's a part of the normal career progression in the US Army, but I don't want a 6-month gap in my "work history."


Thoughts about listing this as a position? It was my only responsibility - not done concurrently with other work.