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 I really enjoyed this book but haven't found anyone who has read it yet.  Has anyone read it yet?  In particular I enjoyed the approach of telling a story to communicate.  Does anyone know of other business books that are written as a novel? 

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 I am an IT guy and found it to be a good read. While I could nitpick some of the details, it is the best representation of what it is like to work in IT I have read. 

The gold standard for "business novels" of this type is "The Goal" by Eli Goldratt. You will love it! You can also check out Patrick Lencioni's books as they are written as stories.'s picture

I also enjoyed the book, though I often have trouble pulling actionable material from a story format book. The authors provided additional information, including the books that inspired them (like The Goal), on their blog.

Find it here....


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The IT management team at my company have all read this. It was quite good and has led to several important improvements within our department. I highly recommend it.

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