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If you've attended a Manager Tools international conference (ie outside of the US), please would you share your experience? We'd love for you to share what it was like and how it worked back in your organisation. Can you reassure those who are thinking of attending that Manager Tools will work anywhere?

Thank you!


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I attended my first Manager Tools conference several years ago. After the initial shock of Mark and Mike not looking like they had seemed in my head when listening to the podcasts, I was in for a treat.

Over the next two days, I got to learn from five inspiring thought leaders (they had brought support!) and many co-attendees. I had concepts to which I had been exposed in the podcasts but not fully grasped explained more thoroughly and was able to ask and hear the answers to many questions on those concepts. I got to practice various management tactics (e.g., the feedback model) in a controlled environment with immediate feedback from both M&M and my fellow attendees. 

The experience was so great that I went back to my office, and started applying what I had learned, to the notice of my boss, my directs, and my company's HR department. When we needed to have a company-wide communication training the following year, I was able to get Manager Tools in the consideration pool. We ended up bringing them to our company for a day of effective communication training. I was ecstatic! After the training I heard many positive comments and feedback on the training.

I have been to other management training conferences and seminars, and many were good. Manager Tools, though, I consider the best, far and above any other training in which I have participated. I would easily recommend it to anyone looking for management training as the best bang for your buck and the best tool for improving your management.

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I came across MT by accident while looking for a podcast to listen to that would help me work on my professional and personal development. I was hooked after the first one I heard. When they confirmed they would be coming to Australia I just couldn't wait to go.

Mark's incredible levels of energy and passion are inspiring. Meeting like minded people and sharing each others experiences and challenges was stimulating. The opportunity to participate in role playing is of great value as you receive immediate feedback. While listening to the podcasts is very useful, attending the conference gives you new insights and more hands on experience. 

I strongly recommend it. Don't miss out, even if you don't live in Sydney, it is worth getting yourself up there.

PS. I still remember how cold it was in the conference room... don't forget to rug up as if it was being held outdoors in the middle of winter. 


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The main value I got out of attending the Sydney EMC/ECC conference last year has been made quite public already, so I  don't think I need to go over it again.  From a professional perspective, though, there were many benefits:

  • The practical exercises were massively beneficial (giving feedback eye-to-eye is astonishingly difficult), and getting direct feedback on what I was doing right and wrong from Mark and Dani was valuable.
  • Being able to ask questions and get clarification on things that had confused me, directly from the people who created this stuff, is a boon.
  • The infusion of energy you get from being in a room full of people keen to make this stuff work is a big boost.  I'm a little disappointed that I was on leave after hte conference, because I didn't get to put everything into practice Right Away.
  • I met a number of people who I've kept in touch with since, and great people are what make the world go round.

The best demonstration of the value I see in it, though, is this: I went last year, and this year every *other* manager and team lead in my company is going to one of the Sydney conferences (some in May, some in October -- I've got to stay back and hold the fort).  I wouldn't recommend my company drop $20k+ on training that I didn't think was worth it.

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Mark, love your podcast.

I wonder if there are plans to have the conference in hong kong or singapore. Thanks.

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 What type of tools are present in market for conference? I have seen the presentation on Project Management Meeting. If team is not located in one place, then how to set up a meeting? 




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I had concepts to which I had been exposed in the prodcasts but not fully grasped more explained thoroughly. I was not able to ask answers of many of the questions concepts that time but I practice more. Thus I can say that it helps improvising the management skills.