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I was looking in to pricing for the Chicago convention and had a bit of feedback based on some personal confusion I had. The registration page here:


for the Chicago EMC and ECC lists a rate of $995 for each individual conference, or:

"Special Discount Rate: $700.00 ($1,695.00 to attend both days)".

I took me a while to figure out exactly what that meant. My first inclination was that it meant: $995 + $995 - $700 =  $1,290 for both or else $700 + $700 = $1400 for both. It was unclear that it was a reduction of price from $995 to $700 for the ECC conference only.

Anyway, not sure if anyone else has had this issue, but I thought I would share feedback that the phrasing is just a bit confusing.

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Thank you for sharing. I apologize for the confusion. We'll certainly take your experience into consideration to identify a better way of communicating the pricing to attend both days.