Hello everyone,

BLUF: I've been invited, along with a job interview, to an "aptitude test" (dictionary translation). For lack of any further information: How to prepare?

I've recently applied for what seems to be a pretty interesting, challenging position: project management at the crossroads of government and business, introducing very innovative, cutting-edge technology into a very established, inflexible business ecosystem. That'll sure provide something for me to chew on over a couple years or so.

Along with the expected invitation to a job interview came the invite to an "aptitute test" (in writing, 60 minutes). No further information was given. I should do fine, after all, I've just recently completed distance-learning college with a lot of tests and exams. But now I struggle with my preparation, simply because I have no idea what to expect. I fear I might be caught off-guard.

How would you suggest I prepare myself?


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We use two tests for our candidates to understand as much as we can about them.

One is a quick thinking test, not job related, it's 50 questions in 15 minutes and is a good measure of general intelligence.  It could be something like this that is your aptitude test.  I don't think you could prep for this type of test.

Then we do a practical test on a computer for technical roles.  We literally break things and get the candidate to fix them.  For this we don't give any information, there is no prep to do, we want to test that what their CV said is what they can do.


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Interesting. Thanks Mark. I'd never even have thought of that. I'm an all-interviews person. Very curious to see how this will go.


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Just to add to Mark's comment,

I just took one of these 50 questions in 15 minutes of Cognitive Aptitude Tests. The company recommended that I research CCAT online to familiarize myself with the assessment. 


They also provided some example sites: 

1. Wonderlic:

This was a bit of a heavier lift than the actual test but allowed me to see the kinds of questions and give me an example of how the scoring worked.

2. Job Test Prep:, where I searched by "CCAT."


To prepare, they also said:

  • "Don't spend too much time on any one question."
  • "Your goal should be to answer all 50 questions."
  • "The goal is to get as many correct as you can. "
  • "There is no penalty for a wrong answer."
  • "You may use a pen and paper. "
  • "You are NOT permitted to use calculators or any other problem-solving device."


Here is a little more about CCATs

What to Expect on the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) | Criteria Corp


I hope this is of assistance to you.



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Sounds great, thanks for sharing. In practice, we don't change our Aptitude Exam for a year.