I'd like to get some input from the MT community.

I applied for a job almost 4 months ago, was quickly contacted by an in-house recruiter and given a phone interview. The interview went very well (based on feedback from the recruiter) and then...nothing.

I followed up with the recruiter about three weeks later and she assured me I was still very much in the running. Subsequent follow ups with this recruiter have not been answered. The position is still posted on their website.

At what point would you write this off or just stop reaching out to the recruiter? I'm trying to follow up professionally without being an annoyance.


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If the job is still posted and you really want it, I would continue to contact the recruiter regularly until you get an answer either way.

I know there is an official recommendation from CT - it's part of the interviewing series, but Mark mentions it here - he says weekly for 16 weeks.



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Thanks John.

I just followed up again this morning.

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There could be any number of reasons why they have not filled the position. And they could have nothing to do with you.

Years ago, as a field manager, I interviewed 6-10 people for a position. While I was interviewing, one of the people who had not made it through my earlier screen showed up and asked me for an interview. Because none of the ones I interviewed that day met my needs, I slotted her in the second group (based uipon her persistence) and hired her after she beat out the others. Fifteen years later she retired from our organization having been a very effective employee.

As Calvin Coolidge said, "Determination and persistence are omnipotent!"

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Is the recruiter still employed there? I was once in negotiations on the finer points of an offer when the hiring manager was laid off without so much as a by-your-leave, and that was the end of that :)



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 HBD--- I'm investigating that possibility now. I spoke with a friend of a friend at the firm. She was surprised I'd spoken to this recruiter because she thought this person was no longer contracted to the firm. 

So following GlennR's advice, I will take a different approach.

Thanks everyone!