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I suspect There's a Cast for This (TaCfT) - if you can point me to the right one, I'd be grateful!

I've recently started doing O3s with 3 former directs (A, B, and C), who are now skips, due to the hiring of director D.   Normal MT guidance would be to start doing O3s with D (which I am) and D doing O3s with A, B, and C, which is also happening.

Because D is still learning about a number of industry practices, benchmarks, etc, she cannot yet effectively supervise all of A, B, and C's current projects.   For the next 6 months, I will supervise existing projects while D supervises their new projects, and at the end of 6 months, D will assume oversight of whatever's left.

So it seems best for me to continue O3s with A, B, and C in re: the stuff we're working on together, while D does O3s with A, B, and C to build the new relationship.  Right?

I'm asking because B suggested having a combined meeting with D and me (a one-on-one-on-one?) because:

a) it gives D an idea of how I've been running O3s (i.e. modeling for her)

b) it lets D get looped in on extant projects

c) it decreases the likelihood of D and I giving conflicting directions on projects

d) one meeting takes less time than two


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The One on One meeting belongs to the direct, and while I'd normally suggest that a one on one should be literally ONE and ONE, this situation does seem special. 

Since the direct is suggesting it AND there is an end date in sight when you plan to disengage and turn it back into a true one on one between B and D, I'd go for it.   If either of those things were not true, I'd advise against it as it would undermine the effectiveness of the one on one model.  If you notice after a few combined meetings that you're losing effectiveness, consider reverting back to two meetings, no harm no foul.  

Also, I would only follow the same model with directs A and C if they come with the same suggestion... let them continue having two separate one on one meetings if they prefer. 

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I agree you could have three-person one-on-ones for a while.  I think you'd get a lot of benefit from them in showing D the techniques of O3s in person.

I think you need to remove the "complication" of the reporting structure as soon as possible.  Spend the time you would have spent supervising the old projects on coaching D in how to manage these projects. Give responsibility for all the projects to D as soon as possible.  I think six months is way too long.  Depending on the management experience and role level of D, they should be picking up all the projects much quicker.  They don't need to know the technical detail, they can come to you for that, but they can certainly supervise progress and delivery.

I suspect before six months is up you'll have directs feeling anxious about "two bosses", and potentially conflicting directions on work.  You'll also risk D feeling like you're skipping them, hence eroding their ability to get fully up to speed in the role.

Sooner rather than later move all the responsibility to D, and then just focus on managing them.