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I listen to the podcast where we cannot force our Boss to do O3 with us and I totally agree with that.

I have fairly small team, 4 directs, and 1 skip who is under one of my direct (I have 1 manager out of my 4 directs)

I am rolling out the O3 with all of my direct, but I realized that the skip under my direct does not get O3 with her manager... Ok they sit right next to each other, but my direct (which is a manager) does not do O3 with his direct.  

Since I have such a small team that all sits next to each other, I feel that if I leave out the skip on the One on Ones with me, I am discriminating against her for not giving her some time with me.

Is it OK for me to do one on ones with my skip? 

My direct, who is a manager, does not do O3 with his direct.  I was thinking that I would use the O3 to learn more about my direct's skip and later delegating doing the One on One to her manager when I get in the delegation phase.

Would that be a sneaky way to impose the O3 model to my whole team? :o)





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Is it OK for you to do O3's with your skip? Answer it yourself by asking, "Would it be OK for my boss to meet weekly with my directs without me being present?"

I would never force my direct to do anything. You may want to point out that team-building will suffer if everyone on the team has an O3, except one person who would then necessarily feel less a part of the team. Then point out that it wouldn't be right for you to do the O3 skipping the person you're telling this to. Then see if he takes the hint. If not, suggest it again a few more times in different ways. Eventually, he'll take the hint, or you have the wrong person as a manager beneath you.

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How about writing a performance objective around employee development for your directs? An example of how to meet that objective might include the use of 03's.

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Your skip is not your direct, therefore no O3 *from you* for that person.

Develop your manager in relating well and effectively with his direct.  That might well include O3s as your direct sees how useful a tool it is, and decides to apply it with his direct.  To me, if the skip is doing well, and developing well, you might not need to ask your direct to employ O3s, especially if you don't anticipate the team adding more members or rising in responsibility in the coming years.

-- Joseph (DiSC: 4247)