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Immediately thought of MT when the boss came out with a company wide video about our results and "asking" us to take two unpaid vacation days in the next fiscal year.  We will also "get" two vacation days. ;)

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Not really enough detail to give an answer here so I will assume a few things. First that the company is struggling and second you want to know if you should do the request.  


Tough one. The headline is that if the company fails you will have to find work elsewhere. So if your situation allows I would comply.  I think to many people forget that by making life difficult for management they are really reducing the likelihood of the company succeeding, that's why I find much union activity objectionable. Also if you help out now, without making a fuss, they're is good chance you will be looked upon favorably in the future. 


It's all wrapped up in the detail though. How long have you worked there.  It's it a "good" company. Do you see a career future there. Can you afford it. 


You then need to consider whether you think the management have the vision and skills to get things back on track. 


Whatever you do, get your cv up to date and make sure your network is warm.  Be ready to look for work even if you don't do that right away. 



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Like many organizations, my nonprofit has suffered from the economy. Several years ago all staff were required to take two unpaid days off. One of our staff suggested that these be done during those months where we received three paychecks. This was done to make it as palatable as possible. We moved on.

I don't know if there was a question there, but if you have an option, take those days in months where you get three paychecks if you're normally paid every other week.

Otherwise, just endure and do what you can to improve the bottom line.