I'm moving up in the world, and have just been given an assistant. I want to set up weekly or monthly meetings with her just to make sure she's happy, delegate new work for her, give her feedback, and make sure she's on progress to hit her career goals. 

I want to set up a calendar invite, but I want these sessions to be relaxed, comfortable, fun and not the same ol' same 'ol for her. 
Any creative ideas on naming a "Weekly Update Meeting?"

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"Weekly Relaxed Comfortable Fun Update Meeting"

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By the way, you really should be having a daily morning meeting with your admin to get in sync over the day's events.  There's an old cast entitled "being effective with an admin" (or something similar) that is chock full of helpful advice.

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I think it would be helpful to you if you try business naming book, they give you better idea naming your own meeting task if that is a long term procedure and this idea is also good for naming businesses.

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Does you business also compile task management? That would also be helpful if you try it.

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I used to do monthly meetings with my staff (i had 5) and we did it on the First Friday of the month - I called it Feedback Friday.