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BLUF: I have been with the same company but been promoted multiple times. Should I show individual roles on LinkedIn or have one 'bucket' for my time at the company and then show the roles I've had in the description.

Background Information

I started with my current company in June 2011 as a Project Engineer. In July 2012, I was promoted to Program Manager and then in May 2013 I was promoted to Manager of Hardware Engineering. I have a similar situation in my past company where I was brought in as a Manufacturing/Reliability Engineer then moved to Program Manager and eventually to Manager of Design Engineering. The way I see it, I have two options on LinkedIn due to the rapid promotions:

Option A: I list each position individually. The time at each position would look short (less than two years for most) despite the position being at the same company. It would, however, show a clear career progression.

Option B: I update my position in the company to my current position and keep the time frame for that job as my entire time at the company. In this case, I would show the career progression in the description area with information about how much time I spent at each position. It would look something like this:

Manager, Design Engineering

April 2007 - June 2011(4 years 3 months)

  • Manager, Design Engineering (Jan 2010 - Jun 2011
  • Program Manager (Oct 2008 - Jan 2010)
  • Manufacturing/Reliability Engineer (Apr 2007 - Oct 2008)

The other dilemma I have is that if I do Option A, it will look at quick glance like I've had eleven (11) jobs since January of 2002 (includes previous positions not discussed). If I go with Option B, it would show up at quick glance as seven (7) positions in that time frame with more substantial time at my last two places of employment.

I'm curious how you all would handle it.

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 Definately Option A.  (Maybe if some roles are short or not significantly different you could merge).  What that shows is a clear trajectory through the company, a progression and improvement process.

Option B would make it look like you got X job and then just carried on doing the same thing for 11 years.  Not good.

I am in a similar position.  Mine is by no means perfect, but take a look at how I have done it.

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There is no argument here.  Anything else is wrong.


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 Mark and Mark - thanks for the great feedback.  I'll be incorporating this change very quickly.  

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I followed this advise. Multiple recruiters stopped scanning my linkedin profile when they got to the first individual contributor role. 

I know I can say "lazy recruiters", however this is multiple recruiters.

The consequense is that the recruiter thinks I have only 2 years of management rather than 13 years.