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I will be starting a new position as a manager (not new to being a manager) in the beginning of June.  In talking with my future boss to do some pre-planning, he mentioned as an aside that there is someone on the team who is a poor performer that he will most likely let go. 

Assuming that this hasn't happened before I arrive, I would like to make an attempt to save this individual by using the methodologies outlined in the inheriting a poor performer podcast...but of course this is somewhat contrary to not making changes and fitting in within the first 90 days.  Any thoughts as to the balance between the two?

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 You aren't making any changes. The situation is there and your boss has made a decision.

I have inherited the same situation before and I'm two losses and one win. All three were on Performance Management Plans when I inherited the team. No changes in 90 days does not mean that you cannot manage as normal, just don't go tinkering until you fully appraise the situation