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I am trying to gauge if there is interest from folks in DFW to have a meetup. It will give us a chance to discuss what tools people have tried, how did they work etc.

Please post if you are interested.



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Hi Anish,

I'm interested in participating in a DFW meetup.



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I am interested in participating in a DFW meetup as well.


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Hey guys -- Just wanted to let you know that Mark is planning to lead our August 20-21 conferences in Dallas. We're planning to host a reception on Tuesday evening from 5:30-7:00 pm at the DFW Sheraton Airport. We're still finalizing the details. We'll be sure to announce it.


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This is an old thread, but I'm interested in a DFW meetup as well.


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Hi there-
Wanted to update this thread.  I started a new DFW Manager Tools Meetup group in order for us to network with and and learn from other Manager Tools listeners in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
I hope y'all will join!