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      Any idea if the EMC conference leads to any PDUs I can claim on ?




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TMA = too many acronyms!

Please can you explain all of these acronyms?!

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So Sorry !! Let me elaborate each of them :

PMI is the project management institute, one gets the PMP (Project management professional) certification training from them.

Their official site is


After you get your PMP certificate, you have to keep it in good standing by accumulating PDUs (Professional Development units). Over a period of 3 years you have to get 60 of these.

Usually 1 hour of training leads to 1 PDU.


EMC - (I guess you know this, but still ) Effective Manager Conference from Manager-tools.


Since the training was for 8 hours it would lead to 8 PDUs, but I'm not sure if this falls under PMIs guidelines, etc.


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While there's likely some people here who have some experience with PMI, your best bet would be to ask the people who run the program if the EMC fits their guidelines.  They're in the best position to be able to interpret their own rules.

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Thanks Matt, I thought MT team would actually look at this & reply..

I'll contact them directly I guess.


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Nikhil -- I apologize for not responding sooner. Manager Tools is not currently accredited to offer continuing education credits through any organization. However, I second Matt's suggestion to check directly with PMI. I *think* some professional certification organizations do allow some credits outside of accredited courses.

Good luck!