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BLUF:  Looking for recommendations on books that describe and help one understand the different DISC profiles.


I looked back through the postings but couldn't find a topic that was similar.  Some suggestions may be buried in the postings but wondering if anyone has a favorite.



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Positive Personality Profiles: Discover Personality Insights to Understand Yourself and Others by Dr. Robert A. Rohm. I haven't had the opportunity to read it yet, but his past recommendations have been spot-on.


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I've read two: "I'm Stuck, You're Stuck", and "the 4-Dimensional Manager". Both are by someone from InScape, who own the DISC trademark (not DISC itself, if I understood things correctly). Both books were useful. I read the manager one first and wish I hadn't. I will have to read it again now that I have a much better understanding of DISC. (It introduced the concepts; I just think I really needed a firmer grounding before I went on to the manager-specific stuff.)

I prefer the way Manager Tools presents them - it's easier to identify people, with all the behavioral cues. The MT way has been, as usual for MT, more...*usable* for me. More actionable. I did pick up some things out of the books that MT hasn't addressed or that don't really fit with the way MT presents DISC, and in some ways those have been useful.

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 Thanks for the suggestion Leanne, I'll have a look into it


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 This is an interesting presentation of DiSC. It is told as a parable with different birds as examples of each of the styles. Some of this is a little basic after listening to M&M, but I can say that people are starting to resemble birds to me.


An added benefit is that they have a free mini-DiSC profile available at