Hi everyone

I have an interview on Friday with a company that is based in my current city, let's say Los Angeles.

A recruiter has put me forward to the company and they are meeting me with a panel interview. I really want the position, however, my circumstances have changed since the recruiter's initial interest in me.


I want to do the job, but I want to do it in a city that is a one hour plane ride away, lets say San Francisco, where the company also has an office, although it is secondary in size to the one in LA. As far as I know, the role is based in LA. How do I ask for negotiation on location? Do I mention this at the interview, or wait until I am given an offer?


I'm really struggling with the ethical and honest way to let them know, that I DO want the job, but really prefer to do it in the other city (so we can move closer to family with health issues). My husband thinks I should ask at the interview, and I tend to think it would knock me out of considerationand probably piss off the recruiter, so I feel like I'd be better off waiting until I have an offer. What do you brilliant people think? The location preference podcast was helpful, but of course, didn't directly answer this particularity. Any help or suggestions much appreciated.


Thank you Samaui

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Are you willing to give something up to get what you want?

"But really prefer" - This, I think, is key, and it's not 100% clear to me.  Do you require that location or do you simply prefer it?  It can change the nature of the conversation a lot.

After that, ask yourself how it might go.

You bring it up and they don't care?  Great.

You require it and they do care?  The deal is likely broken there.  But since you require it and they don't have it to give it's not an acceptable deal to you.

You prefer it and they do care?  This is really the situation you're out to avoid I guess.  Thinking it might rule you out when you're willing to take a job at this location if you can't get it there.  If that's the case the best advice is to sit down and figure out how strong of a priority this is for you.


To best deal with option 3 I would bring it up early rather than later.  When it makes sense in the conversation. If there's any talk of travel that may be a good point. Treat it like you didn't make any assumptions about location to begin with.  That you know they have offices in other cities as well, and want to find out which locations they can place you at.