Your podcasts have changed my managerial world, and bit by bit that of my department.  Is there any chance at all you will be coming to Vancouver, BC?

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The EMC schedule ( doesn't show any coming up in Vancouver.  If you just want to avoid international travel, there's one in Toronto, and if you want something "next door", there's a Seattle conference too.  I vaguely recall seeing mention of a Vancouver one in the past, but don't quote me on that, and "past performance is no guarantee of future performance"...

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KKult -- We aren't planning to go to Vancouver in 2013. We'll keep it in mind for our future planning. We will be in Toronto with both our EMC and ECC on September 3-4.

We'll also be in Portland with our EMC on October 22nd.

If I can help you with any conference questions, please feel free to mail me at [email protected]. We'd love to see you in 2013!