Our company has 2 company meetings, one in January and the other in July. The past 3-4 meetings have become somewhat "boring" with staff either "too busy" or having the "here we go again" attitude.

The process currently involves each dept presenting to the company, (we are small approx. 50 people) and finishing up with our CEO address. 

With another schedule in July, I am look for ways to freshen it up as employees are expecting the same format. I was thinking of turning it into an exercise where we produce cross functional teams to solve a problem we have or gather ideas for our internal communication tool we keep pushing back. 

Any ideas welcome....

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Our meetings were quarterly. I polled the company via a survey for feedback and encouraged team members to reach out to meet with their thoughts.

We made some modifications based upon the feedback, our company and the Routine Town Hall podcast.

Good luck to you!