One of my short-term career objectives was to manager other managers.  I successfully achieved that objective recently.  In short, the number of direct reports in my organization was growing like crazy (w/ our business) and we decided to re-org.  My directs have been cut in half and I now have one manager reporting to me.  

Are there any podcasts anyone recommends for first time managers managing managers?  Also, is there any guidance on how often I should meet with my managers direct reports?  Any other recommendations would be appreciated!  


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I was just a bit confused when you talked about "my managers direct reports". That person isn't your manager, you are her manager. That person is your direct (just like remaining individual contributors) and the ICs she manages are your "skips". There are podcasts, of course, regarding skips.

Were you holding one-on-ones with all your ICs before? Is this manager a former IC? How are the ICs under their new manager behaving, given that they may feel "demoted" as having an extra layer of management that your other ICs don't? (We don't care how they feel, but how they behave.) Are you holding one-on-ones with your new direct (that manager)?

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One difference I can think of is that when your direct report manages others, they may need coaching in "how to" be a good manager.  Do all the MT things you would do (O3s, feedback, coaching etc) with them as they are your direct and to that end, it doesn't matter if they have people under them.

In addition, be willing to coach them on the MT skills.  Just because you've used it, doesn't mean they are using it.  Or, they might be using it ineffectively.  Show them the site, the boards, the podcasts.  It will make your whole org better.  As well, when they come to you with a problem with a direct, for advice, you can talk the same language.