Hi there,

I am a new manager promoted only 2 months ago. I would like to seek advice on how can i improve on my analytical skills?


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 What are you analyzing?

People? Windows Computer logs?

Here's a technical resource I use; I believe it has good ideas for all fields:

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 If you're interested in better thinking, I can't recommend Less Wrong enough:

They deal not only in advice on how to think better, but also common pitfalls, and how a lot of what you *think* is rational isn't really.

For an easier introduction, visit:

Yeah, it's Harry Potter fan fiction. BUT: It's really good. The first few chapters are a bit iffy, and the whole thing is a bit hit and miss at times, but overall it teaches a lot of good lessons about how to think better. At the very least, it'll challenge you to think about how you think.


Best of premises to you!

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Yes, practice.  One way to practice is to read books critically.  Here's how:

A good discipline.  And you benefit by learning something each time you read.

John Hack