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With so much focus on bad customer service, I thought I'd share some positive stories.

My team has been working to improve our service to internal customers.

The "Building Internal Customer Relationships" cast has helped a ton.  As have peer O3s.  We have better transparency as a result.  Customers now realize they're one of many and can work together to combine requests and balance priorities rather than complain that they're waiting on stuff from us.

Quick response, triage, and frequent updates have become habitual and have helped enormously, too.  As has putting ourselves in their shoes to make sure we're all working towards the same goal (communication is what the listener does after all...)

We, along with one of our partners have also been caught out by a major missed requirement.  A skunk works team following Horstman's rules of project management has made enormous headway and gotten a CRITICAL piece of a major project back on track.

And I have these two stories of great customer service on my personal blog (about the house I'm restoring) from which we're also trying to model the behaviors:

Anyone else have good customer service stories?

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I just love the story about the "tree guy". Thanks for sharing.