My son,s company has announced they are going to us a web based company evlauation assessment tool from Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with this tool. I have seen similar things and been at places that used them with mixed experiences. This company has gone through some rapid expansion by acquisition over the past few years. I see they are encountering some struggles as a result and they are looking for how to attack the problems and grow.

I am biased about these general tools because they are often used in place of the work needed by the executives and management. This can be the executives are floundering and really don't know what to do or becuase they have been ineffective or unwilling to do what is needed to be done. It is not uncommon that an executive wants to point to the tool results as some authority role to justify what and why they are doing something.

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I wanted to let you know that next week the CEO and Founder of 9Lenses, Edwin Miller, will be hosting a webinar on January 24 at 12:30, which would be the best opportunity to learn about 9Lenses.  You can sign up for our webinar here:  But it sounds like your son's company is a great fit for running 9Lenses, because if they've gone through "rapid expansion by acquisition," I'm sure there are a lot of important things that will be quickly revealed by running the baseline.