So I am eventually want to get into a career in Training and Development. I currently work for an HR consulting firm that doesn't particularly do that, but that there is plenty of potential for us to expand in that segment though. We also make a fantastic team.

With that being said, I really love the company. It's small, but it's a very nice environment and they consult in an industry that I am passionate about. I have been here since July 2011. The pay is not that great. It's just enough for me to suvive on, but not enough to go on trips and enjoy other activities, but enough to live off of. My plan was (and still is) to stay here for a year and revaluate everything (compensations, career progression etc.) and then make a decision if I want to actively search or not.

A week ago, a headhunter contacted me. I am always open to new opportunties, but again wasn't planning on maybe being active until July 2012. I was kind of like "eh, I will see what they say". Spoke on the phone and now I have been interested. The position that is being offered pays a lot more and offers and great compensation package overall. However, it's not in an industry that I am particularly interested in at all. The position is more or less the same.  What interests me the most is the $$$. The position and the company in reality is nothing I am excited about.

I am a very loyal person and actually felt extremely guilty for even talking to the headhunter. I will be getting  a raise and a bonus at my current position. I am considering telling the headhunter that I am no longer interested. Am I crazy for this?

Let me sum it up this way:

Current Job:


1. Industry I am passionate about

2. Potential to grow.

3. Love my coworkers

4. Good environment

5. There is talk about promotion for me.


1. Low pay

2. Benefits are so-so

3. Potential to grow is there but more difficult.

4. I like my position, but not feeling particularly challenged.

Potential Job:


1. Much more money and better benefits.

2. Much more potential.

3. Great company culture (think Google).


1. An industry that I am not interested in.

2. The position is not particularly  one I am that enthusastic about.


So am I making the right decision? I am very loyal and I feel that I would be breaking a vritue of mine. The company that I am currently at sees (and has told me) that I have lot of potential. I just don't want to leave them hanging when they have been nothing but good to me. BTW I am 26 with only about 3 years of overall professional experience.

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Talk to them when they call for an interview. Up until they make you an offer, it is just an interview. You may not feel the same passion but it may help you to move back into the industry you enjoy by helping you grow for the future.

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 Also talk to your manager at the company you currently are working at.  I find it amazing the gap that exists between the "company" and by company I mean the manager team vision of the future of a young employee and the actual visual the employee has at it.  Sometimes so little is said, management assumes the employee knows, and the employee has no idea of what is just around the corner.

If you like the company you are at, and specially if it is a small company you may actually have a lot of potential to play a significant role in the growth of it.  Sometimes managers are also not fully aware of the potential of their employees.  And employees are not fully aware that managers are waiting for people to be more proactive!  Talk to you manager say you love the industry you are in, you love the company you are at, and you see a potential for you to go with consultant into Training and Development which is something you are also passionate about and on which you think you have the potential of getting into.  Ask if they share the vision that this is a possibility.  Say that you want to take an active part in this development and that you are also looking for ways to increase you pay.