I was listening to a podcast where it was noted "awards are not accomplishments".  However as creator of video production for television and internet, creative awards have always been accepted as one measure of performance for myself, my colleagues and my staff.  I would appreciate some feedback on whether or not, when updating a resume, such awards may be considered accomplishments.

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My understanding of the guidance on awards is that when awarded by the employee's company they don't translate.  I would think it's a different story when the award is from by a commonly recognized industry-wide body (Nobel prize, Oscar, Tony, Rhodes Scholar, etc).  In that case, just listing you as an employee can become an asset to a prospective employer.  These awards tend to be so exclusive, however, that it rarely comes up for the majority of us.  If your award will be instantly recognizable to a prospective employer and serve as an asset to the company, I'd list it (and congratulations). Hope that helps and good luck either way - Sam  

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I think its appropriate to include awards as part of the results of an accomplishment if increases the value of the result you delivered to your company.  




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