For the last 8 months I've worked within a international company (and with an multicultural enviroment) where fellow workers take every possible chance to highlight that they are overloaded with work (and it doesn't depend on who is listening). From what I can understand, this "overload" isn't real...

My question is : Did any of you come accross such culture? Is there any specific reason it? Is it a way to value yourself?

Thank you for your thoughts.


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What they do is what they do. What you do is what you can control! Don't gt drawn into the negative mindsets of those around you

Rise above 'busy' and the recognition follows


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 I agree with Tim, raise above it.  I have seen it happened too, and your perception is accurate, usually it is just talk.  Just like the saying goes that the dog that barks does not bite.  If they were indeed busy in the sense of working a lot, they would´t have the time to nag around that they are too busy.  It usually comes from a sense of insecurity of being laid off if not busy and from poor planning (sometimes not just from themselves, but  from their managers and from the company itself, lack of communication on the management level).  As you show your work and recognition follows you may want to try to change that culture within your area of actuation, but I agree with Tim´s advice, right now what they do is what they do and what you do is what you do.  Don´t try to change them, don´t contradict them, but don´t add to it, just do it differently and you will get recognition. Nara

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Thank you :)


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I agree with Tim and Nara...and would add that I tend to be suspicious when people who I don't know very well talk to me about how hard they are working.  On the other hand, I have no problem when someone who I know well, and I know they work very hard, has to vent a little.